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DigitaLife – the film

The film DigitaLife is a choral work, containing videos made by those who wanted to participate in the project.

It came out of an idea to tell the story of how the Internet and digital technology have changed everyday life; the film contains over 50 stories, which were selected from hundreds collected in almost two years of work. It is a collective tale that touches a number of topics: the birth of the Internet, the loss of a dear one, the evolving world of employmentrecovery after a crisis, the search for lost happiness, the possibility of socialisingtravellingsharing experiences and emotions. But also terrorism, the world of information and cyberbullying. It is all packaged with a view of hope in the future. DigitaLife is a film that speaks about a world made of connections, sharing and life.

The film, which was produced by Varese Web Srl, and co-produced by RAI Cinema and Foundazione Ente dello Spettacolo, was directed by Francesco G. Raganato, the director and maker of numerous documentaries and television programmes, and contains original music composed by Vittorio Cosma.

Director: Francesco Raganato
Adaptation by: Marco Giovannelli, Manuel Sgarella, Francesco Raganato
Original Music by: Vittorio Cosma
Editing by: Diego Zucchetto
Production by: Varese Web, in collaboration with RAI Cinema and Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo
Nationality: Italian
Duration: 75’
Genre: Documentary