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DigitaLife – the film

Digitalife - il film

A shared film made out of your videos. A film about the last 20 years of the digital world and the internet that tells with your own voice how the net changed your life.

“Digitalife”, produced by Varese Web srl and directed by Francis G. Raganato, is about to open its doors for submissions. You can send and submit your videos on this website following the guidelines.

The film will mainly feature your videos that you can send throughout the summer. You’ll be able to submit your videos via the film’s website and other channels of communication. You don’t need to be a pro, a video maker or a director: you just need your phone or a video camera and “capture” the world with your eyes.


Se utilizzi uno smartphone, scarica la app WeTransfer ed utilizzala per mandarci i video all’indirizzo