The “FAI – Italian Environment Fund” brings beauty to DigitaLife

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The DigitaLife partner group grows. The FAI – Italian Environment Fund joins the Cinque Terre National Park, Terre des hommes, the European Association of the Vie Francigene, Anso, and the Order of the Journalists of Tuscany for the realisation of this collective film that will describe the changes that have taken place over the last twenty years with a look towards the future.

From this week also FAI entered the project. An agreement that enhances the many aspects of the important foundation that for years has been working in the promotion of artistic and cultural heritage in Italy. Along with the association came the question to ask the enthusiasts of travel and cultural visits: “How has culture changed?” Everyone can give an answer: by filming a video and sending it via the docufilm site


“We chose to take part in this project,” says Marco Di Luccio, Head of FAI Property Development Management, because it develops issues that are very close to the mission of our Foundation. The Internet is a means of communication that has helped and helps to spread the knowledge of Italian artistic and cultural heritage to a wide and diversified public that can then come into contact with the FAI world, with its values, its goods and with its initiatives. ”

The agreement with FAI will help spread the knowledge of the project and tell so many aspects of the choices of living the culture. We will have the opportunity to involve people from all over the world.

“Culture and beauty,” says Marco Giovannelli, president of Varese Web, “are an invaluable asset for our country. For years, FAI have been carrying out very valuable actions in order to valorise many things, often hidden, and whose interest is remarkable. Attention to the territories is a central element in knowing the many aspects of life in Italy. In this, FAI will be a great stimulus for the DigitaLife project.”

Hundreds of videos have already arrived since the start of the project. There are so many different descriptions about the relationship in your life with the digital and the Internet. “Work is proceeding and we will build the film with you,” explains Francesco G. Raganato, director of documentaries for Sky and Rai. “It will be collective work in the true sense of the word. The will is that of creating a community that gives vital life to the film day by day. It’s a challenge in every sense, from the fact that we will give everyone the opportunity to tell their story and share it.”