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How can I create the video?

Follow these simple tips, but they are not obligatory. However, we ask you to hold the phone horizontally while shooting.

Then make one or more films that can answer these questions:

  • How has life changed with the internet and the digital world?
  • How was your life before the Internet?
  • How has meeting others changed in the digital age?
  • How has being informed changed?
  • How has giving information changed?
  • How has entertainment changed?
  • How has transportation changed?
  • How has traveling changed?
  • How have schools changed?
  • How has shopping changed?
  • How have table habits changed?
  • How has office life changed?
  • What did the internet give you and what did it take away?
  • What can’t you give up today?
  • What would you like to do without?
  • What was the most important change that social networks brought to your life?
  • What weight do social networks have in your everyday life, in your work, in your relationships?
  • Posting, tagging, linking, liking, which new word reflects you more and why?
  • What will be the invention of the future that will change your life?

What can I capture in the films?

Remember that the underlying theme is the change that the digital world has produced. A look towards the future, the projects, the expectations.
 Film yourself, but also the world around you: nature, landscape, the city, the traffic, your garden, your home, whatever you want.
 Tell us about yourself, your thoughts, paradoxes, what you are living in your daily life. 
Are you on the train and are you going home after a day’s work? Are you in the office sitting at the desk? Are you walking with your child in the park? Are you having dinner with friends? 
Look around and let it inspire you.

How many films can I send?

There is no limit on the number of videos. If you want, you can send many different videos, we will think about how can we can put them together with your voice.

How do I send the videos?

Just follow the instructions on this page

Up until when can I send a video?

As soon as possible because it can also be a stimulus for others. Every story, every piece of life is interesting. The video collection phase will end in October.

What happens after they have been sent?

After you have sent the video via We Transfer you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
The video will be released on the YouTube channel of DigitaLife and on the website of DigitaLife.
The director and production team will choose some stories to compose the film.
We ask you to keep your video even after sending it together with the signed waivers.
If your video is selected for the final editing we will contact you.

Who can participate?

Everyone can participate in the DigitaLife project. You just need a camera or smartphone, a lot of curiosity and a bit of creativity.


Are waivers necessary?

Waivers are an important point especially if your video shows minors or recognisable locations. You can start sending the material, but because it can become public it is also good to send the wavers.

When can I see the film?

The film will be released on different dates. It will surely participate in some festivals and presumably in the spring of 2018 it will be in the cinemas.cita del film avrà tempi diversi. Sicuramente parteciperà ad alcuni festival e presumibilmente nella primavera del 2018 sarà in sala.


Se utilizzi uno smartphone, scarica la app WeTransfer ed utilizzala per mandarci i video all’indirizzo digitalife.film@gmail.com