Students abroad: Would your adventure abroad be the same without Internet?

We want the Erasmus generation!

DigitaLife is dedicating a special section of the film to students all over the world. Here’s a question especially for you. Answer by sending us a video:

Living abroad during the digital era:
How would it be without today’s technology?
Before, during and after…

Erasmus Answer by sending us your video, tell us your story. Can you imagine your life without the internet, without a computer, without a smartphone? Imagine how the past was without them, but try to imagine your life in the future with them

Here are some guidelines for your video-making

We’re asking you even more. Can you share your thoughts, your feelings and those of your beloved ones who know that you went far away to achieve your goal?

Do you remember your first night away from home? What did you do when you felt lonely?  Share your feelings and the solutions you came up with to overcome this adventure. What is the thing that allows you to achieve your goal? Is the internet helpful or just a waste of time? Would your Erasmus experience have been different without it? 

Submit your video

Tell us and show us how you use the internet and the digital tools. Share your passion with us through new technologies. Show us how the world around you is and how the internet is part of your everyday life.   

All your videos will be broadcast on YouTube and on our Facebook page. We’ll select just one for the film Digitalife.