How did the Internet change your life?

Com’è cambiata la tua vita con Internet? È la domanda che apre ufficialmente la nuova fase della produzione del film collettivo DigitaLife, diretto da Francesco G. Raganato e prodotto da Varese Web. Un’opera per il cinema che verrà realizzata grazie ai contributi prodotti dai cittadini. I video possono essere inviati attraverso il sito seguendo le istruzioni. 

How did the Internet change your life? This is the opening question to the shared film “Digitalife”, produced by Varese Web srl and directed by Francis G. Raganato. The film will mainly feature your videos. You can send and submit your videos on this website following the guidelines.



“For twenty years we have been working with communities to grow an information project,” says Marco Giovannelli, president of Varese Web. DigitaLife is a development of this approach. We believe that the greatest charm of digital culture is participation. The innovative approach of this film, however, is not only related to the mosaic that will be realised thanks to the videos posted, but to the processing of the materials themselves. The project will be a long choral story that will accompany all stages of production and post production up to the arrival in the cinemas. We will have a platform where every citizen can express their opinion and at the same time be the protagonist of a film that will tell the changes with a look to the future as well.”

You have until 31st May to send the first videos. In June, more questions will be published on the site that will outline more in depth the relationship with digital and the Internet. “In short, we will build the film with you,” continues Francesco G. Raganato, previously director of documentaries for Sky and Rai. “It will be collective work in the truest sense of the word. The will is that of creating a community that gives vital life to the film day by day. It’s a challenge in every sense, starting from the fact that we will give everyone the opportunity to tell their story and share it.”

All of the videos will be published in different spaces and those who will be participating with their video will receive recognition from the production team. Every two weeks a video will be chosen that is particularly representative of the spirit of the film and the author will be offered a weekend for two people in an Italian location. All those who will be selected to join DigitaLife will be included in the movie credits and official credits of the work.